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Four levels of maturity towards a digital company

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Using technology for value creation

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Empowerment, a force unleashed

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Employees are the key to the digital transformation

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Authenticity and diversity make the difference

Leadership, the step child of the business world

Leadership has the biggest impact on performance and motivation, is sometimes confused with management and no longer has anything to do with knowledge. Most importantly, leadership has an impact on one’s personal condition and the private life of those affected. Can you learn leadership? Or do you have to be born with it? Questions that remain unanswered.


The five levels of leadership

There are lots of well-researched leadership theories. Every one has to find their way and the approach they can best identify with. This then serves as the unwritten manual on how to improve and work on themselves. Out of all the different approaches I like John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership model best. The clarity of distinction between one development level and the next best reflects what has been experienced. It has become my guiding principle.


What good leadership delivers

One’s direct superior is the biggest influence on performance. No other influence is capable of making a bigger change or preventing more than the manager responsible for staff.



Change management

Change is part of the business world. Everybody knows this and still, it is difficult to step out of one’s comfort zone and start doing things [differently]. Making a change always requires three things working in conjunction. Heart. Hand. Head. One must “hand” those affected the suitable means and tools to create new things. One must explain them functionally, train, give time to learn and convey knowledge (in the head). And one must reach the people’s heart and explain why change is necessary, what individual advantages it has and how everyone is personally affected. Experience has shown that this is the high art of leadership.



Leadership 4.0

In a digital company leadership far away from classic conventions is indispensable. It’s about communication via voice and video conferences. This applies to one-on-one talks as well as team meetings and workshops. Coordinating and motivating teams distributed among home offices, offices and other sites around the globe – often with different levels of language proficiency – requires entirely new skills. Successfully dealing with these new environments requires much preparation and consciousness raising among specialists such as managers.